Week #2 Thoughts (Double Participation)

Post thoughts, questions, observations, and points from week #2 reading, course films, or class discussions



  1. In the film “Let’s Talk about Race”, I found interesting that how in the beginning everyone was supportive and understanding but toward the middle when Ben Ferguson mentioned that he tried to give his racket to a black child the mother got offended and Ferguson explained that he was just trying to be nice and that the family took it the wrong way. Toward the end I noticed that the discussion was just between Ferguson and Dr. Darron Smith. They were trying to discuss how society still has “white supremacy” and how people assume that all white people are still racist.


  2. Many of the articles and videos on the blog were very interesting and helped open my eyes to how things might have happened and why. For example the recent article on the watermelon stereotype, was very informational and helped me learn new info on the topic. I have always thought about and enjoyed these things on my own and learning about them in high school history so continuing to learn about race and how it happened is really interesting to me. In the film we watched during class I thought it was interesting how Noah talked about the “privilege” of being white and how he said that he wouldn’t want to trade skin color with anyone because of that.


  3. 9/3/15 – Race as Social Construction
    I don’t understand why people have to compare race and intelligence, to me there is no correlation. The message that I got from the reading is that racism is a form of judgement, a judgement based off historical mistakes. For example, its racist to say that all black people are athletic. Some people say that the main reason they are so athletic is because of the genes that were passed on by their ancestors working from the fields. It is also true that race has surpassed the point where we just judge by skin color. Take my previous example, that is a biological reason to think that black people are athletic. Also, there is a huge difference between racism and a stereotype, but they have a strong connection due to people being racist based of stereotype. The last line really hit me because I have a feeling that it is right. I feel like it had a relation to the white superiority from the previous reading.


  4. Last week I was able to finally form my own opinion on the definition of race. All the articles I read as well as the movie made me realize race is just an ancestry term. Race has so many forms and definitions and it will always be fuzzy. But I did learn that race today is socially constructed because there is no biological evidence for it to exist. It never had any evidence to support that all blacks had the same ancestry or that all whites came form the same place. Therefore it is a human invention to justify the inequalities during the 1800’s, which is quite sad. Hopefully classes like this will educate enough children to get rid of the term race overall.


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