Candy and Clothes: Rethinking Halloween and Commodity Culture (Outside Event)

Watch and offer your thoughts about film, and how it impacts your thoughts about Halloween.  Push yourself and engage the film (make sure you talk about specifics from the film, providing details and examples from the film). Think about history, privilege,nostalgia, sense of innocence, racism, sexism in a global context, inequity, etc. – Outside EVENT. 400-500 words

And then watch these films.  How do these compare to discussion of Chocolate and how does this make us think about Halloween and beyond


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  1. David Herman
    December 11, 2015
    CES 101 – 1
    Outside Event 2

    Candy and Clothes: Rethinking Halloween and Commodity Culture

    This series of videos is all about how chocolate and other candy are produced and how the popularity of these treats encourages the production of these. These videos focus on the harsh conditions on which candy producers work in and the circumstances in which these workers come to this industry, mainly human trafficking. Towards the end of the film, the documentors try to talk to the chocolate industries. The heads of these industries refuse to speak for the documentary and only admit through a statement that they do not own most of the cocoa plantations.
    The videos also touch on the fashion industry. The last two videos focus on this and educate the viewer on the fashion industry works in similar ways as the candy industry. John Oliver talks first about how the fashion industry is a vastly growing business in America. Then he talks about how cheap and available clothes have become. This is all because of terrible work conditions in foreign clothes factories.

    This set of videos really called me to think more deeply about everyday things we take for granted. It caused me to think even beyond chocolate and clothes and think about other large scale industries that could also be doing similar things to make more money.


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