Mental Illness and Prisons (Triple participation)



  1. Wow, very interesting video. I found it astounding that there are more people with mental illness in jail than in mental hospitals.So sad. “Jails are the new asylums.” Prisons don’t have the proper medical treatment the mentally ill need, so why incarcerate them? The video stated that the mentally ill would do better in society as outpatients than in prison or jail. Also stated in the video was that the number of people helped by the parity bill was very, very small. To see change we need to tell legislators we’re tired of all the money going to prison. We need psychiatric and political leadership.


  2. I agree with Elizabeth, I think that society needs more psychiatrists to those people who are with mental harm and physical damage that they often act wrong and not know what they do , people think they are criminals and do not stop to think why they are so , the prisons should have more doctors for their illnesses because they are people like everyone else and have the right to live , they may have made mistakes but that does not let them suffer for something they suffer and they can not control . Families would be less concerned about those people if they had medical attention or more psychiatrists.


  3. Prison is not always the answer for criminal people because some of them have mental problem that caused them this troubles. may be they need sometime cure for their mental illness. A lot of the American prisoners don’t have health care to treat them and make for their bad conducts solution. Also, around 80% of the homeless people suffer form the mental sickness not just the prisoners. Am really thankful for our president effort Obama, he did great think when he gave thousands of people healthcare. the people donating around 30,000$ for prisoner for their treatment.


  4. I find it interesting that administration doesn’t focus on the main problem at hand and instead creates the parody bill stating that it’s up to insurance companies to cover mental illness. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the homeless and those in prison do not have access to insurance, making the parody plan completely pointless. There is no plan set in place to break the cycle of living on the streets, to committing a crime, to being put in prison, and then being released with having no idea how to operate in the outside world. It’s a never-ending cycle. Prison does not have the therapeutic environment that mental patients need. It’s load, chaotic, and there’s violence from other inmates and guards. There is no stability for someone who needs to be stable. There is not enough psychiatric help either within prisons. In one prison there were two psychiatrists for nearly thirteen hundred inmates, with patients being able to see them every six months. Clearly, that is not enough face time. The mentally ill belong in hospitals where they can receive proper care. The cycle needs to be broken with community programs. Why spend money on a never-ending cycle when you can prevent the problem with community programs that cost less money?


  5. This video made me feel extremely sad because it’s another perfect example of how both the people and the government of the United States inadequately address and manage problems, as a society we’ve come to use the “out of sight, out of mind” and “not my problem” attitudes for things like drug addiction, poverty, homelessness, and also mental health problems. Our nation has such a focus on punishing crime and taking responsibility for ones actions and decisions that we no longer take the time to look at the real reasons behind these issues. We don’t wonder WHY someone robbed a store or injected heroine. We just see them do it and say you’re a bad person, you need to be punished. Same with prisoners with mental health problems, we act like it’s irrelevant or not an excuse when a prisoners schizophrenia induced hallucinations may be the entire reason they attacked a person and not because of a conscious well thought out choice to hurt them. We need to stop trying as a country to figure out how to make more money and get ahead of everyone else and get a bigger military and act tougher and pretend we’re perfect and invisible and problemless and take the time to realize there are problems in our country and to have the humanity to help these people and say even though it’s not my fault they have a mental problem, it’s not theirs either and to realize that if we help them it really is better for everyone. If we had the same willingness to solve peaceful problems in our own country like drug addiction and mental health problems as we do for solving violent ones with war like ISIS, we probably would have eradicated things like poverty and homelessness by now instead of turning away and pretending we don’t see it because its “not our problem”. Everyone is willing to give a few pennies a day to a starving child in Africa, but if we also gave a few pennies a day to help the starving here, there wouldn’t be a homeless problem in our country.


  6. This is a pretty disheartening and eye opening video. Lots of time with our society, people believe that people in Prison do not deserve proper care or kindness, but they forget that they’re humans and every human has rights and deserves a certain level of decency and respect. People try to stay away from the topic of prisons, just how people try to avoid rough areas of town instead of trying to help it shape up and become better and more progressive. The only way we change peoples mind on this issue is the same way Bryan Stevenson is an effort to do with racism in the justice system, you need to talk about it and face the facts instead of trying to avoid them. Its essential to thrust the issues into the faces of the people until they elicit change due to the pure disgust they have with the current way things are done. The fact that our politicians are allowing these issues to occur in our american prisons is disheartening because they are the people we elected to speak for us and be the voice of the people. What is happening is so morally wrong, and unamerican and needs to be changed!


  7. I think that this video needs to be seen by a lot more people because I believe that a lot of the time prisons are used as the new mental hospitals. Those with mental illnesses should be in a proper home or facility that can properly take care of them not tormented in a prison like the video talks about. So many of these people cannot even take care of themselves without being watched over twenty four seven. Jails and prisons are meant to lock criminals up, not a consistent nursing home. The officers watching over them are going to treat them like criminals, not someone who cant control their own mind. Our prison rates are way too high already and so many people that are locked up should be moved into their proper mental care. Our society chooses to ignore it and our criminal justice system chooses to ignore the care of those locked up. We know that a lot of the time the mentally ill are those who are homeless or are veterans, but nothing is ever done about it. I feel that this issue needs to be addressed and given more attention because it is such a common problem for those with a mental illness.


  8. This video was shocking me because the topic was never appearing in “normal conversations” with people around. It is hard for prisoners who have mental problem spread out their voices to the community because they do not give any profit to the government. As mentioned in the video, most of psychic prisoners do not have insurance, they receive welfare. It is equivalent that their voice are buried, no one represent for them. That is extremely sad that every campaign for the US president, they all promise to give better healthcare, lower taxes, more jobs for all their citizens. But not all citizen receive the same benefit. That is extremely disappointing me how our justice system lock up mental illness people in prison instead of providing them treatment. Just like about race, we need to have open conversations, talk more about criminal justice system, not to avoid them.


  9. I think there should be a very big difference between prisoner and patient. Prisoners to me are people that have a clear understanding of the actions they take and patients are people that need help to understand what they have done and will do. It doesn’t make sense to me why you would put mentally ill people with criminals that will terrorize and take advantage of their disabilities. There have been many mass shootings in america because people don’t receive the help they need. It is time for people to understand the difference between mentally ill and criminal. there is no reason for the two to be mixed in a prison.


  10. If Texas has a great percentile of mentally ill inmates, where does that leave the rest of the country at? It is not fair to blame the mentally ill for the things they are accused of because more than likely they committed what they did during a mental episode. To conclude that the best option for an individual with a mental disorder should be placed in jail immediately is going to cause major problems for those who dont have mental issues in jail. Combining both types of people into a cell to then share can be quite interesting. It is sad to here that some inmates had been in and out of jail twenty plus times, with their mental complications being the reason they are brought back. There should be more resources available for people with mental disabilities to try and better themselves instead of being tossed aside. Human Health and Resources isnt doing much to help the mentally disabled either. The mentally ill need to have a place where they can get the proper treatment and attention to keep them out of prisons.


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