Outside Events


Outside Events (40 points x 3)

Students will be required to attend 3 events outside of class, which include Common Reading Events, CCGRS film/speaker series events, the screening of films outside in Gannon-Goldsworthy, and Thursday discussion sessions. For each, they will need hand-in a 150-200-word reaction/summary on the course blog.

Schedule (check back for updates)

Outside Event: Speaker – September 10, 2015: Arlene Davilla, 5:30, CUE 203

Outside Event: Class Discussion – September 24, 2015, Gannon-Goldsworthy, 1-3

Outside Event: Class Discussion – October 29, 2015, Gannon-Goldsworthy, 1-3

Outside Event: Speaker – November 4, 2015: Cynthia Chandler, 5:30, CUE 203

Outside Event: Speaker – December 1, 2015: Bryan Stevenson, 7:30, Beasley Colosseum 

Outside Event: Class Discussion – December 3, 2015, Gannon, 1-3


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