You are expected to attend class every day, arrive on time, and participate in an informed and consistent manner. Attendance will be taken from clicker, from assigned seating chart, and/or from passed sheet. It is your responsibility to use your clicker each and every day. If you don’t have your clicker on a particular day, you should submit a piece paper with clicker responses at the end of class (this should not be a regular occurrence). Communication is key if issues arise. Telling me in May that you lost your clicker in May or that it stopped working in February will not lead reversal of absences. Any issues must be dealt with within 5 days. NO EXCEPTIONS. The last day to discuss any absence deductions is Friday of Dead week. No discussion will take place after that date

Lecture notes will not be available online so it is imperative that you attend class. If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to check on announcements made while you were away.

Every student is allotted four absences – with the exception of university-sanctioned events and or a negotiated attendance agreement facilitated by the access center. BE CLEAR: ALL ABSENCES COUNT. Studying for exam or not be able to attend class because you are sick are still absences; a sibling’s wedding, a dentist appointment, a family or your desire to watch the Cougar Women’s basketball team in March Madness, which results in you missing class are still absences. If you should be sick for several days, or should am unforeseen life situation arise, PLEASE TALK TO ME so we can figure out a proper remedy.

Attendance will be taken throughout the semester; if you are absent 5 times, you will loose 4% from overall grade, if you are absent 6 times, it will result in 10% reduction from overall grade; 7 times, you will lose 15% from your overall grade; if absent more than 8 times, you will receive an “F” for the course. It is your responsibility to keep track of your absences. Please communicate issues as they arise.


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